05/03/2021 a forest was planted in the village of Sosnovka, Azov District, Omsk Region, together with S7 Airlines

We thank volunteers from Omsk, cadets of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, participants - residents of the village of Sosnovka. More than 100 volunteers took part in the planting.

We also express our gratitude to the Head of the Sosnovsky Rural Settlement - Belov Evgeny Borisovich, with whose light hand we began the marathon on planting trees in the Omsk region this spring, the director of the SAU Stepnoy Leskhoz - Buzovsky Maxim Vasilyevich, who personally instructed the volunteers on his birthday (as it turned out later !!!)

About 10,000 pine and larch seedlings were planted on an area of ​​2.5 hectares. Each volunteer took part in reforestation, received a portion of a hot lunch and, if desired, everyone could give their comments about the event to the media representatives.

“The number of participants and their enthusiasm exceeded the wildest expectations: the landing rate was met and exceeded. After work, a hot lunch was waiting for us, and local residents from the eco-settlement of the village of Sosnovka treated us to okroshka, pies and other goodies. It was very hospitable and cozy at home. The weather did not disappoint either, and the entire landing took place in cloudy weather, which made it possible not to dry out the planting material. At the same time, we were not watered with rain, and serious precipitation began only after the camp was practically assembled. A start! We continue in the same spirit. " - Regional coordinator of the project "Plant a forest" in the Omsk region Volkov Mikhail


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