On October 9, 2021, 10,000 Siberian pine saplings were planted in the Altai Territory with the support of S7 Airlines


On October 9, 65 volunteers planted 10,000 Siberian pine seedlings as part of the Plant a Forest project with the support of S7 Airlines. The planting area was 2.5 hectares on non-leased forest lands near the city of Zarinsk. On this landing we were lucky with the weather: it was sunny all day!

Despite the harder soil, we planted the forest within two hours. When the volunteers realized that the landing strips had already ended, few were tired and were ready to continue. On this cheerful note, everyone began to return to the organizational place where lunch was awaiting us: Buckwheat with mushrooms, vinaigrette, tea and a bun - were a delicious completion of the plantings forests. Traditionally, lunch was in reusable dishes.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts:

- Goryainova Lyudmila Vladimirovna, head of the Tyagunskoye forestry department - for hospitality, comprehensive assistance in organizing the landing, and a friendly team of employees;

- The team of foresters of the Tyagunsky branch of KAU "Altays" and LLC "Lesnoe", for helping the volunteers;

- Tyagunsky branch of KAU "Altayles" - for soil preparation, organization of tables, benches, provided inventory.

- Ekaterina Tertishnikova - the regional coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Altai Territory and Elena Popova - the coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project for working with volunteers!

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