On May 29, residents of the Republic of Buryatia planted 10,000 seedlings together with S7 Airlines

10,000 pine saplings were planted by foresters and volunteers in the Bichursky district. The landing took place in the territory that was killed by a riding forest fire in 2016. The employees of the Bichursky forestry and forestry, volunteers of the environmental movement "New Energy", as well as students took part.


“There was a very complex horse fire on this territory, which destroyed everything in its path. Now we, together with volunteers and students, are restoring the lost forest ”- said the chief forester of the Bichursky forestry Sergey Motovilov.

Before planting, the experts conducted a briefing - the foresters explained to the participants of the action how to plant the seedlings correctly, and also reminded them of the need to comply with epidemiological requirements.


“I believe that everyone should contribute to the restoration of forests, because the future of the forest resources of the republic depends only on us. Also, this lesson is good for health, because when working with the "Kolesov's sword" all muscle groups are involved "- the regional coordinator of the" Plant a forest "project in the Republic of Buryatia Chingis Bolotov.

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