On October 28, 2021, in the Volgograd forestry, an action was held to plant 8 thousand acacia seedlings with the support of Tinkoff.

Regular planting of young trees, which should eventually enter the “green belt” of Volgograd, is a large ecological project “Plant a Forest” within the Southern forest belt.

According to ecologists, the “green belt” around Volgograd is called upon to perform a number of functions: to maintain the balance of the ecosystem, to protect the city from dust storms, to increase air humidity, helping Volgograd residents to survive the hardships of a dry climate in the hot season. Dozens of people took part in the organized planting of young trees. These are young people, schoolchildren, and people of the older generation.

Forestry specialists held a master class before the start of the event. Young trees were planted in areas specially prepared by the local forestry, which will take care of the seedlings.

“We are trying to unite efforts of ecologists, other public organizations, business to restore forests”

Roman Potolovsky

Regional coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Volgograd region

“The Yunarmeys always willingly participate in the creation of the“ green fund ”of the region, it is important for us that the children learn ecological culture at a young age."

Denis Kharitonov

Chief of staff of the regional branch of the movement "UNARMIA"

“Planting trees is always an invaluable experience. You are spending time for the benefit of yourself and the planet. Lyceum students and I love planting trees, landscaping the territory of both our lyceum and the city. We responded with pleasure to this environmental campaign. This is a contribution to the health of our region, which everyone can make. ”

Larisa Tropkina.

Chairman of the Education Committee of the City Duma, Director of the 5th Lyceum

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