In the Chelyabinsk region, near the village of Bredy, on September 26, 2021, a mass planting of pine seedlings in the amount of 10,000 pieces was organized with the support of the SBER company.

We would like to thank for the support of the ROOSMCHO "Multidetstvo" action, the foresters of the Bredinsky forestry Nikolay Zatsepin and Gennady Sorokin. On this day, we planted trees as part of the Southern Forest Belt of Russia project sponsored by Sberbank.

“At this place in 2015. there was a fire and the forest burned down, we are restoring it and hope that soon a beautiful coniferous forest will rise here. Many thanks to the Sber company, the “Plant a forest” project to the ECA Movement for the opportunity to help the nature of the Chelyabinsk region to revive the lost forest. "

Zhaslan Kolkataev

Regional coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Chelyabinsk region

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