On September 25, 2021, 5,000 new pines were planted in the Moscow Region with the support of AQUATON

“Our meetings are always a holiday for every participant! And this time was no exception! AQUATON not only took care of offsetting the carbon footprint of their production, they did it with passion and respect for the participants. Guests were greeted with freshly brewed coffee, on the forest edge there was a real living room with sofas and a hot lunch! I am happy and inspired by the fact that more and more people choose to create! "

Diana Gurdjieva

Regional coordinator of the project "Plant a forest" ECA Movement in the Moscow region

We are sincerely grateful for the cooperation of Acting Director of the Klinsko-Istra branch of GAO MO "Tsentrleskhoz" Nazarovets Yuri Vladimirovich, acting Head of LPS-1 Istra Gatin Mikhail Sergeevich, senior district forester of Opalikhovsky district forestry of Istra branch of GKU MO "Mosoblles" Alexander Sergeevich Trefilov and assistant district forester of Istra branch of GKU MO "Mosoblles" Rumyantseva Tatyana Borisovna. They prepared a place for work and rest with incredible care: they cleared an abandoned road, removed logging residues, plowed the planting area, provided inventory and planting material, cleared the rest area, removed garbage, promptly and efficiently resolved all work issues that arose on the day of planting. We did a good deed! We made it together, supporting each other! We made it with joy! There will be a forest to the very skies! With a new forest!

#Lesomat terminal with which you can plant trees
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