On September 25, in the Bredinsky District of the Chelyabinsk Region, 8000 trees were planted within the framework of the "Southern Forest Belt of Russia" project with the support of the Fund Audemars Piguet

Residents of Magnitogorsk again joined the planting of the Southern Forest Belt of Russia.

The planting was attended by 29 volunteers: residents of Magnitogorsk, local residents, representatives of public organizations and foresters. At the action, all participants were shown how to plant trees correctly, work with Kolesov's sword, and handle pine seedlings. In 5 hours of work, the volunteers managed to plant 8,000 pines to restore the burnt forest. Also, this planting will help to enrich the soil composition and prevent further desertification of territories in the south of our country.

“Separately, I would like to say gratitude to the foresters Sorokin Georgy Ilyich and Zatsepin Nikolai. Kind, simple, quiet, shrill and sincere. And also Natalya Kolkataeva, assistant coordinator. On the bus, on the way back and forth, she gave everyone a detailed tour of the history of their native land. It was very informative and interesting. Something like that. Let's go to plant trees, and here you have an excursion, and a poetic impromptu, and sincere conversations. Thanks to everyone who was with us today. Warm to everyone "

Olesya, volunteer

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