On April 24, 2022, 12,000 pine seedlings were planted in the Omsk region with the support of Sber

Pines - pine!

On April 24, 2022, trees were planted in the Azov district of the Omsk region. The landing went a few kilometers from the village of Sosnovka. 120 volunteers took part in the landing. Sberbank employees, volunteers from among the townspeople who arrived in the village for landing, and local residents sharing our aspirations for forestry united to restore 3 hectares of territory. Employees of the local branch of the FSSP also took part in the landing, demonstrating experience and skills in planting seedlings. All work was done in a fairly short time, thanks to a large number of participants and the availability of the necessary equipment. Upon completion of the work of all volunteers, a delicious hot lunch in the fresh air with interruptions in the photo against the background of the Belarus tractor was waiting for the work.

We express gratitude for the assistance in holding the event Sberbank, the Discovery Charity Club, the Sau of the Stepnoy Legorez in the person of the director of the Buzovsky Maxim Vasilyevich, the Azov district department of the FSSP and the head of the Sosnovsky settlement Yevgeny Borisovich. We thank everyone who took part in the event. We will be glad to see you again!

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