On October 23, 2021, 8,000 ash seedlings were planted in the Orenburg Region with the support of the Audemars Piguet Foundation

In the Orenburg region, volunteers of the federal project "Plant a Forest" of the All-Russian Ecological Movement ECA have planted an Ash Forest. Not far from the village of Nizhnyaya Pavlovka, 8 thousand ash seedlings were planted.

Orenburg lands are special, arid. On the eve of landing, it rained in these places, but by our arrival the wind had already dried up the land. Thin twigs-seedlings so far have little resemblance to the future handsome ash-trees, but the volunteers believe in their future forest and try to do everything so that each seedling takes root.

The Orenburg steppes are flat and endless, which make it possible to use special machines when planting forests. After mechanized planting, it is important to walk across the field and trample every seedling. Of course, those who plant forests professionally, as foresters, or at the call of their hearts, as volunteers, are hard workers. This is hard work for the future. Planting forests, people revive the soil, stop desertification, return to the earth what it has lost as a result of human activities.

In Nizhnyaya Pavlovka, Orenburg students showed their best side. Despite the cold wind and very hard ground, the guys were able to complete the assigned tasks. Joint work with professionals from the State Budgetary Institution "Center for Fire Fighting and Forest Protection of the Orenburg Region" and the State Public Institution "Orenburg Lesnichestvo" is a guaranteed positive result. In confirmation of these words, nature itself blessed the future ash forest - after planting it started to rain so much needed for this land. Another forest will grow near Orenburg - an ash tree. So, be kind!

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