On October 23, 2020, 2 thousand oak seedlings were planted in the Absheronsky District of the Krasnodar Territory

The plantings were organized within the framework of the Posadiles forest restoration and conservation project with the support of the Lenta company, the ECA Movement and the active participation of employees and students of the Apsheron Forestry Technical School and volunteers of the MAOU Secondary School No. 96.

Elena Nosenko, Regional Coordinator of the Plant a Forest project in the Krasnodar Territory, stressed: “Timely reforestation is the most important condition for preserving forest resources. Only a third of Russia's forests are restored naturally, the rest require special measures to restore them. Today, the ECA Movement, thanks to the Posadiles project, is solving this problem by attracting partners and restoring forests in different regions. "

Upon completion of the landing, the organizers prepared a hot lunch for the participants of the event. Having received a charge of cheerfulness and good mood, the participants left the forest, hoping to meet again soon. Further care of the seedlings will be carried out by the staff of the Apsheron forestry technical school.


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