On October 22, 5000 trees were planted in the Rostov region with the support of SBER

On October 22, the second landing took place in the Ust-Donetsk region of the Rostov region, near the village of Ust-Bystryanskaya!

With the help of volunteers of the ECA movement, employees of Sberbank, employees of the administration and forestry of the district, we planted 5,000 baby pine seedlings on an area of ​​1.5 hectares. A total of 34 people took part in the landing. Each planting is a big holiday, where, following clear instructions, each participant plants 150-200-300 trees, watering and energizing the plant with his attention and sensitive intention. It is a pleasure to see how even rows of young plants are lining up after us, designed to grow and protect us from dust storms and sand, to give amazing air and, of course, inspiration. A special passion is adherence to environmental principles at an event where separate collection is organized, vegetarian meals are organized, gloves are washed and reused, and dinnerware for participants is either their own or ours reusable. By minimizing waste, we free up landfill space for the sake of the forest.

“Special thanks for organizing the infrastructure to the deputy head of Ust Donetsk region Nikolai Afanasyevich Gubachev, Andrey Nikolayevich Tokarev, the head of the Nizhnekundryuchensky settlement, and Sergey Vladimirovich Lazko, the head of the department of ecology and improvement of the administration for expert support of the entire action. And of course, it is so important when in such a big business there are faithful assistants who are ready to lend their shoulders and share a million tasks with you. Thank you girls, Maria, Sophia and Nastya for your burning hearts and help in coordination, this is priceless! "

Maria Gorbacheva

Coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Rostov region

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