On May 22, on the World Planting Day, a massive tree planting took place in the Kingisepp District of the Leningrad Region together with the BIOCAD company

In 2 hours, 92 volunteers planted 10 thousand pine saplings on 3 hectares of the Tikopis district forestry. After that there was a hot lunch in the open air, the volunteers were fed by the guys from the Food Will Save the World project. The action was carried out by the public organization "ECA" with the financial support of the BIOCAD company and the organizational support of the public organization "Garbage.Bolshe.Net".

Karina Ivchenko, President of "Garbage. Bigger. No": “I am very glad that so many residents of St. Petersburg responded and came to plant trees on Saturday. Foresters gave instructions and showed how to properly plant so that most of the seedlings could turn into strong, healthy trees in the future. We were lucky with the weather: the sun accompanied us throughout the landing. The participants went home happy that they were able to complete the landing plan in just 2 hours of active work. "

Leila Samiullina, volunteer: “I have been interested in the topic of ecology for a long time, I have been sorting garbage for about 6 years. But I've always wanted to go outside my home and do something really noticeable. This action will just allow you to see a specific result from your actions. Coming here in five years, I will be able to see that I have done something real in the physical plane. It seems to me that giving life to something new, especially trees, is something symbolic, and today I am full of enthusiasm and emotions. I hope that next time even more people will come to the action ”.

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