On May 21, 2023, 16,000 trees were planted in the Kemerovo region with the support of Sberbank PJSC

В КУЗБАССЕ ВЫСАДИЛИ 16 ТЫСЯЧ НОВЫХ ДЕРЕВЬЕВ  On May 21, 2023, in the Kemerovo region, an action was held for a landing of 16 thousand trees in the territory of the Rudnic district of the city of Kemerovo as part of the spring action of the All -Russian project Planting Forest. Employees of PJSC Sberbank of Russia, Ecovemerovo volunteers, students of KemSU, Kuzgsha and active citizens planted pine trees and restored 3.5 hectares.

The promotion is carried out thanks to public financing and support of a responsible business.   Everyone who wanted as volunteers was able to join the landing. Regional organizers provided volunteers with transportation to the place of landing and vice versa, food, and also provided all the necessary equipment, held a master class before the event. Young trees were planted in territories specially prepared by local forestries, which will be subsequent care of seedlings.   

Anyone who could not join the plantings in person can support the restoration and conservation of forests online at PosadiLes.ru. The service will send photos and GPS coordinates of the seedlings.  When the planted trees get stronger and grow up, they will help to slow down the signing of the region of the region: they will create a comfortable and wet microclimate environment, reduce wind force at the level of the air layer, align the average daily temperature and make the climate as a whole less dry.   

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