On September 20, 2022, 10,000 pine seedlings were planted in the Irkutsk region with the support of S7

On the second day of landings in Irkutsk, volunteers of the federal project Plant the forest planted 2.5 hectares of pine forest. 10,000 pines are now exploring the field in the federal volunteer project “Plant the Ecological Movement of the ECA in Irkutsk in September 2022 gathered residents of the region to plant a pine forest together. The fourth day of the promotion. Schoolchildren and families of Irkutans with children came to Veresovka. In fact, children on the landing of the forest are a risk and risk group for successful work. After all, planting a forest is not entertainment, but serious work. With all the simplicity of manipulations, this is serious work, monotonous and requiring patience. If the children are not accustomed to work, it is immediately noticeable on landing: it begins "I want to drink, to the toilet and eat." If parents arrived with the child, then they begin to satisfy children's requests, and as a result, no one works. For an event with specific declared and predicted results, this is a failure.

But not in the case of the project “Plant the Forest”. Work with volunteers also goes at the preparation stage: parents are clearly invited to evaluate the capabilities of their children. As for schoolchildren, the main educational work is carried out in the field. The conversation with the guys is not about forests. We are talking about the Motherland, about the rights and obligations of a citizen of Russia. That is how simple truths are heard to young citizens of Russia that to plant forests for their future = love and respect their homeland and its future.

Irkutsk schoolchildren have learned such an unusual lesson in patriotism well. They not only did not leave their “field of battle”. During the day, 14,000 pine seedlings were planted. In gratitude, the organizers treated the volunteers buckwheat with mushrooms and gingerbread with tea. And a good mood was a general reward to all participants in the fourth day of landings in Irkutsk. Vereshka, to become a forest. But the volunteers did not start with landings.

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