May 20, 2022 in the Bryansk region, a rally of 12,000 pine seeders with the support of service users took place in the Bryansk region

On May 20, 2022 in the Bryansk region, spring landing was held from the Planting Forest project.

The recovery site is located in the Unechsky district near the village of Vorobevka, so caring local residents took part as volunteers. Employees of Unechsky, Pogarsky and Starodubsky forestry, as well as local school forestry, helped.

In total, about 60 people took part. Most of those present planted trees for the first time, so we coordinated and professionally restored a plot of 2.3 hectares and planted 12 thousand seedlings of ordinary pine.

For planting, as always, all the necessary inventory, gloves, hygiene products, insects, drinking water, technical water, toilet, separate collection of garbage, etc. were organized. After landing, everyone together piled up a delicious field kitchen, took a common photo, shot a few words for the reporting video and generally shared their emotions and impressions.

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