On May 20, 2021, 10,000 pines were planted in the Iglinsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan together with Viessmann

The planting area was 2.5 hectares.

100 people took part in the landing. A transfer was organized from the city of Ufa, also at the end of the planting, everyone was fed delicious porridge and watered tea with sweets. Also, reusable dishes were used for forest planting, and after the forest was planted, the territories were cleaned.

“In two days of work, we managed to plant 20,000 pine seedlings. This tree species in natural growth is scattered throughout the Northern Hemisphere from the equator to the Arctic. It grows in temperate and subarctic climates and forms forests on both plains and mountains, and is one of the least soil-demanding tree species, which is quite versatile and suitable for most plantings. "- Victoria, Plant a Forest Project Coordinator

“Today each of us has planted 300 - 400 pine seedlings. These are biennial trees that will turn into a real forest. It is great that such an action unites people with a common mission: to protect nature, plant forests and at the same time take care of the ecological well-being of their country and region ”- a participant of the action, Dmitry.

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