April 20, 2023 in the Lipetsk region landed 12,000 trees with the support of PJSC Sberbank

Lipetsk, April 2023. The federal volunteer project “Plant the Forest” in the Zadonsky district is going to land a new forest of 12,000 pines. Among the volunteers are the employees of the Lipetsk branch of the Sberbank of Russia. Every year we gather with them to increase the number of forest lands in the Lipetsk region. For employees of the Lipetsk Sberbank, this became part of the lifestyle.

And this time almost 100 people arrived to plant pines. Beginners conducted briefing, and experienced project participants immediately took inventory, gloves and seedlings, going to occupy furrows.

We plant the forest on the site of the cut-off due to sanitary reasons. Bark beetle damaged the trees and destroyed the whole forest. Our volunteers begin the new life cycle of this land. New seedlings immediately after landing give the benefit to people. The forest brings clean air, water and fertility to the earth.

Three hours later, small pines found their place under the sun on Lipetsk Earth. Volunteers “Plant the Forest” celebrated this event with a friendly dinner. Over the years of joint landings, here in Lipetsk, our joint forests are already growing in different regions of the region, and thanks to Sberbank’s employees, we gained friends and a common good work.

#Lesomat terminal with which you can plant trees
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