On October 2, 2021, 10,000 Siberian pine seedlings were planted in the Altai Territory with the support of SBER

On October 2, 78 volunteers planted 10,000 Siberian pine seedlings as part of the "Plant a Forest" and "Southern Forest Belt of Russia" project in the Yegoryevsky District of the Altai Territory, not far from the village. Novoegoryevskoe.

In 2002, there was a major fire here. Thanks to this planting, part of the burnt forest will be restored. Some of the volunteers came from Barnaul, the bulk of the volunteers joined from Rubtsovsk. The action was attended by local residents and students of MBUDO Center for extracurricular activities "Small Academy", RII AltGTU, military-industrial complex "Fatherland true sons", as well as corporate volunteers "Sberbank".

After landing, all the volunteers had lunch, traditionally - in reusable dishes! The planting area was 4 hectares on the territory of the Lebyazhinsky forestry.

Our thanks:

  • We sincerely thank Andrey Vladimirovich Miller, head of the department for ensuring authority in the field of forest relations in the Lebyazhinsky forestry, the team of foresters who worked and helped volunteers, KAU "Altailes" (Barnaul branch, Lebyazhinsky site) - for a warm welcome, provided planting material, soil preparation , organizing tables, benches and a rain shed!
  • Volunteers МЭОО «Мусора.Больше.нет,Барнаул» и инфоподдержку ; в особенности – Юлии Арсеевой и Алексею Кузнецову – за помощь в организации посадки.
  • MIC "Faithful sons of the Fatherland" and personally to Anna Loginova
  • The team of organizers: Elena Popova - coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project for work with volunteers Ekaterina Tertishnikova - regional coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Altai Territory

PJSC Sberbank is a partner of the Southern Forest Belt of Russia project, and it was very joyful to see the Sberbank employees landing! On this day, the weather was very changeable: rain, snow, rain and snow, sun! All the volunteers did a great job, coped well, everyone was positive, despite the long journey - the Barnaul group left at 6 am and returned only at 9 pm. "

Ekaterina Tertishnikova

Regional coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Altai Territory

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