On October 2, volunteers of the Bryansk region joined the action for landing 10,000 trees in Snezhetsky forestry.

“The site was flooded, in this regard, on the recommendation of the forestry and forest management of the region, it was decided to plant spruce and pine, in a ratio of 7000/5000 pcs. Landing was carried out in earthen dumps, the so-called "micro-elevation". These dumps strengthened in two years, sagged and air came out of them. Thus, flooding does not threaten our seedlings, and planting two forest crops gives a higher chance of survival. I would like to thank the Plant a Forest project for the opportunity to give everyone to take part in forest restoration in their native region! Special thanks to the volunteers of Sberbank, who, despite the difficulties, withstood the difficult test with dignity! The forest has been restored! "

Ivan Regeda

Regional coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Bryansk region

The planting site was traversed by a forest fire, most of the planted crops died.

Planting in "micro-raising" is a very difficult process from a physical point of view. The ground is uneven, in some places there are holes, and waterloggedness. It was difficult to wade through the site with Kolesov's swords and buckets, not to mention landing. The entire team had to make an effort to plant the entire site. In less than 5 hours, all the trees were planted by volunteers and the site was successfully restored.

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