On October 2, 8 thousand seedlings were planted in the Tyumen region in the Berdyuzhsky district with the support of the Audemars Piguet Foundation

Thanks to the "Plant a Forest" project, 8 thousand seedlings were planted in the Berdyuzhsky district of the Tyumen region.

As part of the autumn campaign of the All-Russian project "Plant a Forest" volunteers of the volunteer association "Cycle" planted Scots pine seedlings and restored 2.5 hectares. Anyone could join the planting as volunteers. Regional coordinators ensured delivery to the landing site and return, organized a field kitchen. A specialist from the forestry conducted a master class before planting. The territory was preliminarily prepared for planting by the local forestry, and manual agricultural maintenance is planned in the spring.

Forest cultivation was carried out in the framework of the "Southern forest belt of Russia" direction, aimed at creating a forest protection belt on the border of Russia. Restoring forestry in these areas protects the country from the advance of steppes and deserts.


“We are very grateful to the volunteers who decided to set out on such a difficult landing: the road only one way took about five hours, and on the spot we were waiting for solid ground, but this is the specificity of reforestation. These are often places with difficult access and land that bears little resemblance to garden beds ”

Christina Shelemekha

regional coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Tyumen region

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