On June 2, 2023, 4,000 trees were planted in the Udmurt Republic with the support of IMMA and Continent Motors

On June 2, 2023, 4,000 fir trees were planted in the Igerinsky district of Udmurtia, 35 people took part. We express our gratitude to the Posadiles.ru project and partners of the Continent Motors and Imapactory event.

Amazing weather on landings in Udmurtia is always ... and this time was no exception. There was not a very good road to the place of landings (it is softly said) reached UAZs, and if even the worst rain had passed, we simply would not have got to the square. But the weather stood up to the moment of landing without rains, we arrived with a breeze and the landing itself also passed with wonderful weather. And on the night and in the morning of the next day it was raining, so that our small Christmas trees will definitely take root and grow in a large forest.

Many thanks to the foresters of Seltyles-Filiala Udmurtles Zakharova Lucia Yuryevna, Nagovitsyn Alexander Veniaminovich and Merzlyakov Peter Vitalievich, for help in the landing.

“The meaning of life is to live in happiness. I plant the forest and I am happy, ”says Zyanterekov Alexander, a resident of Izhevsk and the volunteer of the project“ Plant the Forest ”in Udmurtia.

All participants in the landing, volunteers of the ECA movement in Udmurtia, residents of Izhevsk and p. Game, students of the APOU UR Construction College of Organization Ram OD ECOPROPTHETS SFIDS THANKS!

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