On May 19, 2021, 10,000 pines were planted in the Iglinsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan together with Viessmann

Planting took place on the territory of the Iglinsky forestry enterprise and the Taftimanovsky forestry enterprise. The planting area was 1.3 hectares.

20 people took part in the landing. A transfer was organized from the city of Ufa, also at the end of the planting, everyone was fed delicious porridge and watered tea with sweets. Also, reusable dishes were used for forest planting, and after the forest was planted, the territories were cleaned.

“We choose places for planting with forestry. Usually these are territories after fires, sanitary felling, after infection of the forest with a bark beetle. This spring, the Iglinsky district was chosen as the site of our planting, the territory of the Iglinsky lekhoz and the Taftimanov forestry. Several years ago there was a sanitary felling of trees affected by pests, ”the organizers of the action note.

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