On October 17, 2021, 50 volunteers from Izhevsk and Mozhga planted 9,000 seedlings in the Alnash district of the Republic of Udmurtia.

Amazing autumn this year never ceases to delight with warm days and excellent weather. The landing took place thanks to the PosadiLes project and the SPLAT company.

Back in 2010, after a very hot summer, irreversible consequences began here in the Alnash district, which we are seeing today. The forest weakened and there was a massive infection of trees with a bark beetle, and in 2015 there was a hurricane. After that, the territory remained dead wood for a long time, but this year the forest revival began.

A forest that will later become a home for wild animals, a forest where locals can go to pick mushrooms and berries.

We would like to thank the Project “Plant a Forest” and the SPLAT company for participation in the carbon footprint compensation program, GKU “Mozhginskoye lesnichestvo” Alnashskoe lesnichestvo, deputy head of Druzhinin Ivan Alexandrovich for hospitality. We thank the beautiful Olesya for the delicious vegetarian dishes cooked over the fire. Very satisfying and insanely delicious. All activists of the ECA Green Movement in Udmurtia and volunteers in Izhevsk and Mozhgi, students of EKOPROFTEKH in Izhevsk.

“Green factory, green planet, green shield - as soon as the forest is not called ... And in these short, precise expressions, an unshakable conviction: the forest is beautiful! The forest is the light earth. Participating in tree planting provides each of us with the opportunity to contribute to the future of our planet. After all, the forest has a long life. And years later, someone will say thank you for the green miracle ”

Ekaterina Luchinina

resident of the city of Mozhga

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