In the Volgograd Oblast 3200 seedlings were plantedseedlings

On October 17, 2020, volunteers planted 3,200 seedlings in the Volgograd Oblast.

150 volunteers arrived in the morning of October 17 in the Volga-Akhtubinskaya floodplain to take part in the all-Russian action “Plant a forest”. Saplings of oaks and maples were planted near the Lebyazhya Polyana farm. 2000 seedlings out of 3200 planted were paid for by SPLAT. Landing passedon the territory of 4 hectares.

“We are planting trees for the first time. Impressions are off the charts, I like it very much! And the weather is still sunny, warm - a fairy tale! " - volunteers share their impressions. “We go to the floodplain ourselves. It's great when you have somewhere to go. The heart fills with pain when we see dead wood. I really want it not to happen. Let all the trees live, grow, please. That is why we have joined this large-scale action today. There is a feeling that we are doing an important job! After us, children and grandchildren will come here, to understand, for good impressions and fresh forest air. "


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