On September 16, 2022, 10,000 pine seedlings were planted in the Irkutsk region with the support of S7

On the second day of landings in Irkutsk, volunteers of the federal project Plant the forest planted 2.5 hectares of pine forest. 10,000 pines are now expeling the field in Veresovka to become a forest.

But the volunteers did not start with landings. In preparation of the soil, the tractor driver opened the “garbage abscess” ” - who in this way decided to get rid of garbage, taking him to the field, no longer recognized. But our volunteers decided that garbage in our forest was not in place. We collected everything so that then this garbage went to the landfill.

Next, the volunteers went to the briefing from the foresters. Make a puncture in the ridge with a sword of Kolesov, insert a seedling - a twig of 20 cm and give the root with a sword and a foot. And so every 70 centimeters. After the master class, the work boiled. Step by step, the Irkutskites planted the future for themselves and their descendants. Clean air, water, shadow of trees, future mushrooms and berries. 10,000 pines and 2.5 hectares. The result of the second day of landings in Irkutsk. I liked how one of the participants said after work: it turns out that it is easy to destroy the forest, and it is very difficult to plant ...

To be a forest and good!

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