On October 16, 2021, 8,000 seedlings were planted in the Saratov Region with the support of the Audemars Piguet Foundation

On October 16, a large, friendly team went to the southeast of the region to plant 8000 seedlings within the framework of the All-Russian project "Plant a Forest". This exciting journey has become the main "green" event for us this fall!

Residents of Saratov, Engels, Aleksandrov Gaya worked together on the future forest belt of Russia. We believe that in a few years we will be able to see a tangible result of our work! Thanks to everyone who became a part of this important day!

Now for the details:

  • Aleksandrov Gai is a semi-desert and dry steppe. For several years now, the head of the district, Sergei Fedechkin, has been planting greenery in the village and knows firsthand about all the difficulties. Our planting has become a holiday for local residents and a great joy for us!
  • On Saturday, over 200 volunteers planted 5,000 ash trees on 4 hectares of land. Local authorities have prepared in advance a site for planting within the boundaries of the village - this is the future park zone. And this area was not enough! A few more hectares are now being cultivated to annoy 3,000 maple, bird cherry and apple trees. The preparation, planting and care are completely taken over by the village administration! Already this week, small maples, bird cherry and apple trees will settle on the Algai land next to ash trees.
  • We express our deep gratitude to the Administration of the village of Alexandrov Gai, in particular to Sergei Anatolyevich Fedechkin and Elvira Hayertinovna Daminova for their help and support in organizing the landings! Algay people are very hospitable and do everything for the development of their village. Schoolchildren, teachers, employees of the Administration and cultural institutions of the village of Aleksandrov Gai, more than 200 people in total, planted a forest. We saw such love for their native land among the local residents that our seedlings are simply obliged to become a strong green belt, personifying the strength of the Algai spirit. Let there be a forest!
  • Many thanks to every volunteer: residents of Saratov, Engels, p. Alexandrov Gai; Kind Caps team Saratov; activists of the Union of Volunteers of Russia in the Saratov Region.
  • Thanks to everyone who advised us at the stage of preparation: the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy of the Saratov Region, State Autonomous Institution "Dyakovsky Forestry".
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