October 16, 2021 a large-scale tree planting took place within the framework of the autumn campaign "Plant a forest" with the support of SBER

October 16, 2021 a large-scale tree planting took place within the framework of the autumn campaign "Plant a Forest" with the support of the Interregional Environmental Public Organization "ECA". And it did not just take place, but went with a bang! 10 300 seedlings of oak, birch, mountain ash, linden and ash have found their home in the Oboyansky forestry of the Kursk region!

Everyone was invited to take part in the landscaping of their native land. 150 volunteers joined the action "Plant a forest": residents of the Kursk region, schoolchildren, representatives of the administration, forestry, public organizations (60 people came from Sberbank alone! Well done!)!

Having learned about an event to restore forests in their native land, the soloists of the MBUK "Oboyansky RDNT" gladly joined us. Therefore, after a friendly, well-coordinated landing and a delicious dinner, a sincere concert awaited everyone! A little tired, but happy, we started dancing, whirring round dance! Everyone left our event with a great mood and a sense of accomplishment! And yet, I was lucky with the weather: October spoiled it with a rather comfortable calm warmth, it only rained in the evening, when the seedlings had already been planted, and the volunteers went home!

“I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who took part in such an important project !!! For your active life position, awareness and assistance in the restoration of the forests of the Kursk Territory! Without you, this landing could not have taken place! Special thanks to the head of the department of the Oboyanskoye forestry committee Alexey Alekseevich Dmitriev and the team of foresters for their help in preparing and holding the event! We thank the PosadiLes.ru project for the opportunity to give everyone who wants to take part in forest restoration in their native region! "

Olga Banchukova

Regional coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Kursk region

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