On May 16, 2021, we planted 3,500 Crimean pine seedlings on ​​1 ha area in the Zhukovo Tatarsky farmstead, Kagalnitsky district, Rostov Oblast.

The plants were purchased at the expense of Sberbank, and the company's employees, in a fighting spirit and high spirits, were happy to plant all the purchased pines together with the guys from the Danko volunteer association, representatives of the district administration and parishioners of the local church within two hours!

The residents of the farm got involved in the process and happily left their contribution to such an important cause!

The deputy head of the administration of the Kagalnitsky district, Vadim Vitalievich, promised to provide maximum assistance in caring for the created forest island in the farm, which is very pleasant and gives the trees a chance to take root as much as possible.


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