On May 16, in the village of Cherlak, a second planting of 10,000 two-year-old pine saplings took place within the framework of the Southern Forest Belt of Russia project.

On the second day of planting, we faced an increase in temperature up to +31 degrees. Work that day was not easy. However, in spite of everything, the seedlings managed to find a new home. Until the moment of disembarkation, they were safely hidden in a pile, in a nearby forest, in a huge amount of snow and straw. It was prepared by the foresters of the Cherlak forestry enterprise. Soil preparation was done literally 1 day before the first planting, in order for the earth to retain moisture as much as possible and give food to our little pines.

I would like to note the well-coordinated work of foresters - real professionals in their field. The volunteers did not let us down either. Completely different people come to us for planting - some have never come across work on the ground, some have experience in planting and even are engaged in landscape design. Volunteers use a completely different approach to their planting technology: someone focuses on speed and doubles the planting norm, and someone does it creatively, one couple gave names to all their trees during the planting. We are united by one thing - we want to make this world a better place!

This year, posadiles.ru, a reforestation service, has launched a large-scale project “Southern Forest Belt of Russia”. Within the framework of this project, it is planned to plant 8,000,000 trees in 14 regions, including the Orenburg region, the Tyumen region, the Republic of Tyva, etc. Over time, all residents of our country will be able to feel the beneficial impact of this project on our ecology and climatic conditions. The forest belt will form a single natural system that performs environmental, sanitary and hygienic and recreational functions.


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