On September 15, in the Vladimir region, 8 thousand trees were planted on the territory of the Nikologorsky district forestry.

Planting took place on the territory of the Nikologorskoye district forestry (Vyaznikovskaya district) as part of the autumn campaign of the All-Russian project "Plant a Forest". 35 volunteers and 6 forestry specialists joined the action.

In 3 hours, 8000 seedlings - small Christmas trees - found their new "home" on the Vladimir land. Volunteers and foresters celebrated this wonderful event with a lunch of buckwheat “loose” with mushrooms and tea with dessert. Well-fed and satisfied, the participants completed the action with a joint photo session. For many of those present, this action was the first significant thing in life, for the sake of which it was worth being born. We express our deep gratitude to the forestry department of the Vladimir region and the Nikologorskoye uchastkovoye forestry for the assistance provided in organizing our event.

“Two hectares of forest were specially prepared for our planting. We had to create a coniferous plantation - artificial reforestation of European spruce. The site for landing is not far from the village of Paustovo, but it was not easy to get to it: ordinary cars did not pass through a continuous forest on an unpredictable road, volunteers walked from the asphalt to the landing site. The foresters helped to transport things for the organization and conduct of our event, for which special thanks to them. By the time the "volunteer pedestrians" appeared, the seedlings, the plot, tools and repellents were ready. "

Marina Chupeykina

Regional coordinator of the project "Plant a forest" ECA Movement

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