On October 15, 2021, an oak grove of 7,700 oak trees was planted in the Tula Region with the support of SBER

In the Venevsky district of the Tula region, near the village of Anishino, an oak grove of 7700 oaks was planted! On October 15, workers of the Tula branch of Sberbank joined the reforestation: a troop of 30 people arrived in Anishino to plant an oak forest.

On the eve it was raining, so we got to the 2.1 hectare plot on the “Bukhanki” of the Scheglovsky district forestry. Here, the landing participants were instructed. It was necessary to split into pairs, where one with a special shovel - Kolesov's sword pierces the ground, and the other fixes a seedling - a small oak tree. Further, the seedling is pressed with a sword and a clod of earth. And so every 80 cm! In 4 hours, thanks to the efforts of the employees of the Tula branch of Sberbank, one oak forest in our country has increased by 7,700 oak trees.

We are grateful to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Tula Region for the prompt coordination of all issues related to forest planting by volunteers. Special thanks to Tula forestry and acting. Head of the Tula department, Sergei Reshetnikov, for cordiality and hospitality. All complex issues on the landing quickly found the necessary solution for the case.

“I specifically describe in such detail the work of volunteers and forestry workers .. To the uninitiated it often seems that planting a forest is akin to planting a tree in a park. Fast, easy, you can take pictures. Getting into the forest planting, some are not ready for several hours to plant hundreds of trees 20 cm high. The more valuable is the work of those who voluntarily become a volunteer for the Plant a Forest project. The new forest becomes a reward for hard work, and the joint treating with buckwheat mushroom loose after planting is only a small part of the gratitude that we feel towards the participants of this Eka volunteer movement. These guys are real hard workers. Of course, in such conditions you quickly understand how important and difficult the daily work of foresters is. "

Marina Chupeykina.

Coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Tula region

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