On May 15, an important event took place in the eco-life of the Tver region. With the support of the AQUATON company, volunteers restored the forest in the Maksatikhinsky district, near the village of Seltsy.

Preparation for the action was not easy, many times we changed the site, because of the rains, equipment broke down and got stuck. As a result, 4 days before landing, we chose a site in the Maksatikhinsky district, which is a 3-hour drive from the city, due to the distance, many volunteers were unable to travel. But you still had to manually prepare the planting material. Within a few days, our team organized the planting of 10,000 seedlings, taking into account the new conditions, and everything went great, from the weather to the chic field vegetable cuisine with pilaf and samovar.

But not all the heroes worked on the field, there were those in the kitchen. Two meals a day for all the participants (about 60 people) were provided by the ANNA Confectionery Workshop. The field kitchen was appreciated by absolutely everyone! Pilaf in a cauldron on a fire, cakes with beans, cheese and vegetables, fruits - every worker received such a hearty meal. And for dessert - tea from a samovar with handmade sweets from Anna

An important condition of the event is the absence of unnecessary garbage and disposable plastic. Fresh Buffet greatly helped in this. Each volunteer received a set of reusable tableware, which after use will not go to the landfill. Together with this, we collected and removed 11 bags of garbage.

About 60 people took part in planting the forest. Among them are schoolchildren and students, eco-activists and simply not indifferent people, photographers and cameramen, representatives of the forestry. They all made important contributions to the greening of their homeland. We are proud of such people and hope that forest planting will become a regular event in the Tver region. We all received a powerful charge of positive emotions, an unforgettable experience, and made a significant contribution to the future of future generations. Our Christmas trees will become adults only after 80 years! How important it is to protect, how difficult it is to restore ... Plant a forest and you!



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