On May 15, not far from the village of Cherlak, Cherlak District of the Omsk Region, 10,000 trees were successfully planted within the framework of the Southern Forest Belt of Russia project.

The landing site is 150 km away from the city, so the departure was rather early. Nevertheless, a great team of participants gathered. Upon arrival, after the briefing, the volunteers went to the fields. For the Omsk region in this May, anomalously warm and sunny weather was established. On landing, we observed a temperature of +28 degrees.

“Despite this heat, the participants were actively engaged in planting and wielding Kolesov's swords, and the organizers barely had time to bring planting material to the field. As a result, the plan for the 1st day of landing was fulfilled and overfulfilled, for which many thanks to our tireless and persistent volunteers, full of enthusiasm! " - say the participants of the action.


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