In the Cherlak district of the Omsk region on May 14, 2021, 5000 seedlings were planted!


The local forestry allocated a plot between the villages of Cherlak and Bolshoi Atmas for planting seedlings.

Specialists from the forestry, not far from the landing site, prepared a pile. Two-year-old pine seedlings were brought in on the day of planting and were safely hidden in a "thermos" made of snow and straw.

On this day, a special atmosphere reigned at the landing, because once again people from completely different fields of activity gathered together, united by common interests, a common attitude towards nature, common views on life!

“I think we are slowly changing the world. Ten thousand people support the project financially, and we are very grateful to them. If such people become at least 6 percent of the population, then they, like a locomotive, will pull the rest into a bright future. And the task of the ECA movement is to throw firewood into this locomotive ”- Runiza Sibgatulina, regional coordinator of the project“ Plant a forest



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