On October 13, 10,000 two-year-old pines were planted in the Ryazan region with the support of the SBER company.

On October 13, a new forest appeared in the Shilovsky district of the Ryazan region: 10,000 two-year-old pines were planted on the site of a forest that was burned down in summer.

The "Plant a Forest" project of the ECA movement is again in the Ryazan region. In the spring we planted pine trees in the Kasimovsky district, today we arrived in Shilovsky. Volunteers from the Ryazan branch of Sberbank in a landing of 40 people arrived in the vicinity of the village of Timoshkino. Their detachment was supplemented by Ryazan school assistants.

Here, near Timoshkino, a forest burned down in the summer: the fire came from the side of the federal highway, someone set fire to the grass. Employees of the Shilovsky forestry prepared a field for planting a new forest: they removed the burnt trees, plowed long ridges for planting two-year-old pines. Brigades of two people stand on the garden bed and plant small pines every 50-70 cm with the help of a special shovel - Kolesov's sword. This is physical monotonous work without ribbons and fanfare. Today's volunteers were perfectly motivated and started to work together. A forest of two and a half hectares was planted as soon as possible - in a couple of hours, after which the volunteers were surprised at how quickly the seedlings ended. The planting of the forest was celebrated with buckwheat powder with mushrooms. And the desire to continue planting forests together.

“I always admire our participants. This is labor. We try to make the landing as comfortable as possible. But nobody canceled physical labor costs. For several hours without unbending, Mother Earth will have to bow in order to accept and grow trees. I respect the work of foresters even more: the fact that the protesters do for several hours, they do it every day. Those who planted the forest today in the Shilovsky region are hard workers. We are grateful to the Ryazan Ministry of Natural Resources for the prompt coordination of all issues related to forest planting by volunteers. Shilovsky forestry - for cordiality and hospitality "

Marina Chupeykina

Coordinator of the "Plant a forest" project in the Ryazan region

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