On November 13, 2021, he planted 12,000 young seedlings in the Kaliningrad region with the support of SBER

Kaliningrad Sberbank has planted 12 thousand young seedlings as part of an environmental campaign!

12 thousand young spruce and oak trees were planted by employees of the Kaliningrad branch of Sberbank together with volunteers of the ECA movement. The action is carried out within the framework of the "Plant a Forest" project. Thus, Sberbank plans to offset the environmental impact and paper consumption from its activities. The planting of seedlings took place in the east of the Kaliningrad region, near the village of Kaspiyskoye. More than 80 people took part in the event.

“Support and implementation of environmental projects is an important part of Sberbank's strategy. Last year, we set a goal to plant over 1 million trees nationwide by 2023. Of these, on the territory of the Northwestern Federal District, the bank plans to plant almost 30 thousand trees by the end of 2021 and about 120 thousand seedlings by 2023. In the Kaliningrad region, a total of 36 thousand trees are planned to be planted within the framework of the campaign ”.

Victor Ventimilla Alonso

Chairman of the North-West Bank

“Environmental projects are one of the components of Sberbank's big ESG strategy. We understand that it is important not only to maintain nature, but also to restore it. Sberbank employees with a whole team of volunteers came on a weekend to plant thousands of trees, which in the future will replenish our green fund and do a good deed for our planet. "

Andrey Sverdlov

Manager of the Kaliningrad branch of PJSC Sberbank:

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