On May 13, 2023, 10,000 trees were planted in the Udmurt Republic with the support of the “Plant Les” service users

On May 13, 2023, the action “Planting Forest” was held in the Zavyalovsky district of the Udmurt Republic as part of the “All -Russian Forest Planting Day”.

Participants in the event and users of the Posadiles.ru platform planted 10,000 fir trees. The foresters conducted a briefing on the correct landing so that the trees took root and grow. In total, more than 80 people took part. The action created a living space where people became happier and kinder. After the event, the participants exchanged pleasant words, filling their hearts with joy until the next landing. The organizers and volunteers received gratitude for the hospitality.

The action “Plant the forest” is an effective way to restore forests. The project has already planted more than 3.5 million trees and provided the agricultural vehicle for better survival. Now everyone can join the project through the Posadiles.ru platform, choosing the number of trees and issuing a landing certificate. Help to nature becomes easier. Photos, videos and coordinates of planted trees will be sent to the specified email address.

#Lesomat terminal with which you can plant trees
Mobile game Поймите экосистему леса.
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