On May 13, 2023, 4,000 trees were planted in the Sverdlovsk Region with the support of Zillii and the reserve chain of stores

On May 13, 2023, a promotion was held in the Sverdlovsk Region for the landing of four thousand trees in the Beloyarsky district, near the village of Kamyshevo, as part of the spring action of the All -Russian project “Planting Les”. Volunteers from ZILLII and the reserve planted young pines and restored one hectare of burnt forest. The promotion is carried out thanks to public financing and support of a responsible business. 

Not only corporate volunteers, but also other residents of Yekaterinburg, as well as participants in the movement of voluntary carcasses of forest fires, joined the landing. Regional organizers provided transport to volunteers to the place of landing and vice versa, hot food, and also provided all the necessary equipment. Forestry specialists conducted briefing before the event. Young trees were planted in territories specially prepared by local forestries. In the future, the ECA movement, together with the forestry, will be careed for seedlings. 

“We chose a place for landing together with the head of the forestry of the Sverdlovsk forestry. Here, in the Beloyarsky district, last fall, a large forest fire was held, which affected thirty hectares of forests and fields. The eco-system has suffered greatly and young trees for this area are very important, ”the organizers of the action noted.

The project expresses gratitude to Fedor Viktorovich Zykov from the Chernousovsky district forestry, who helped with the organization, conducted instruction for volunteers and took care of all the participants in the landings. As well as Nadezhda Andreevna Cherepanova, the head of the forestry of the Sverdlovsk forestry.

“The fact that we have the opportunity to do a real useful thing - to help grow new trees on burnt out ground - this is very inspiring and raising our team. Especially now, when the forests are burning, so that the whole city is in thick smoke, ”the volunteers from the reserve company shared.

Landing of trees helps to concentrate precipitation, create a comfortable and wet microclimatic environment, reduce wind force at the level of the airborne layer and make the climate less arid. And the use of species of trees resistant to dry climate will help to align the average daily temperatures and sharply slow down the operation.

Anyone who could not join the plantings in person can support the restoration and conservation of forests online at PosadiLes.ru. The service will send photos and GPS coordinates of the seedlings.

When the planted trees get stronger and grow up, they will help to slow down the signing of the region of the region: they will create a comfortable and wet microclimate environment, reduce wind force at the level of the air layer, align the average daily temperature and make the climate as a whole less dry. 

Everyone can contribute to the restoration of the country's forests, joining the project as a volunteer or by becoming a project donor. To become a volunteer “Plant the Forest”, you need to register on the website nash.posadiles.ru and monitor the announcements of shares nearby. You can support landings and subsequent agricultural agents online on the Posadiles.ru platform. After the landing season, the service will send photos and GPS coordinates of seedlings.

“Plant the forest” - the crowdfunding platform of the ECA movement to raise funds for forest restoration, operating since 2015. Over the six years, more than 2.5 million trees in 52 regions of Russia were planted for six years. In 2020, the project launched the mobile game “Plant the Forest” (“Plant the Forest”) in the style “Three in a row”, with which you can make donations for landing real trees.

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