On May 13, 2023, 10,000 trees were planted in the Moscow Region with the support of Sberbank PJSC

On May 13, 2023, the federal project was collected by the Forest Planting a Forest near the village of Ivanisovo City District Elektrostal volunteers Sberbank. In many regions of Russia, their colleagues are already planting forests. This has become a good tradition and the image of a corporate spirit. Now 100 employees of the Moscow branch of Sberbank and the central apparatus have come to support the case, begun by their colleagues. 8000 srsen should become a forest near the village of Ivanisovo. The work boiled. In the hands of Sberbank employees, the seedlings quickly became a pine forest to plant a little forest. Young pine seedlings will still need a person’s help for a long time. Now for them the largest, danger is a carbon fire. The weather is dry and hot. A spontaneous combustion can occur from any brilliant garbage. The decision is made to clear the surroundings from garbage. After the friendly work of all volunteers, lunch traditional for our shares awaited. Vegitarian food, reusable dishes. On shares, plant a forest we strive to minimize harm to nature from the absence of a person. Our motto: pure meadow and new OES. The volunteers plant the forest once again measured the world for the better. The new forest is already reaching for the sun, returning the good to people with clean air, a blue sky and transparent water. So, everything is not in vain.

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