On May 13, 2021, 5000 spruce seedlings were planted in the Kukushtan district forestry.

In memory of the victory in the Second World War, trees were planted in the "Garden of Memory" with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Forestry and ecologists of the Perm Territory.
Planting was organized as part of the “Plant a Forest” forest restoration and conservation project with the support of the ECA movement. Planting took place on a territory with a total area of ​​7.7 hectares. The territory for planting was specially prepared by the staff of the Perm Territory State Institution "Management of forestry of the Perm Territory" Permskoye lesnichestvo. At the planting site, wood-fired trees were previously cut down for the local population.
Saplings for planting were provided by the Sivinsky forest nursery GBU "Sivinsky forestry".

Explanatory conversations were held with the volunteers about behavior in the forest, precautions related to fire safety, safety measures against tick bites. Before entering the forest, all participants were treated with special agents against insects and ticks.
Despite the hot weather, the landings were successful. Everyone was in a fighting mood. We really hope that the dry season will not negatively affect our plantings.

Further care of the plantings will be carried out by the Permsky Krai State Institution "Management of the forestry of the Permsky Krai" Permskoye forestry and the State Budgetary Institution "Permsky forest fire center".
The average age of the participants is 25-30 years old. We are very glad that so many caring young people are involved in forest planting.



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