12 thousand trees planted for forest restoration in Staroshaigovsky district

12 thousand pines were planted near the village of Staroe Shaigovo in the Staroshaigovsky district of Mordovia to restore the forest damaged by fires. The plantings were organized with public funding from the Posadiles Forest Restoration and Conservation Project with the support of the regional Ministry of Natural Resources and the ECA Movement. About 30 activists took part in the planting. Among them are the activists of the ECA Movement, locals and students. The planting area was specially prepared by the staff of the local forestry, who will carry out the subsequent care of the seedlings.
On October 19, activists will also plant 10,000 pines in the vicinity of the village of Staraya Avgura, Krasnoslobodsky District.  
“It is very pleasant to observe that reforestation activities are becoming popular, and more and more caring people are taking part in tree planting. We thank all participants for their contribution to the conservation of the nature of Mordovia ",noted the regional coordinator of the Posadiles project Yulia Arshinova.
Since 2017, more than 30 thousand young trees have already been planted in the framework of the Posadiles project in Mordovia. Landing reports can be viewed here.
Anyone who was unable to join the plantings in person can support the restoration and conservation of forests online at website PosadiLes.ru. The service will send photos and GPS coordinates of the seedlings.


The terminal with which you can plant trees

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