On May 12, 2017, as part of the PosadiLes project, trees were planted in Udmurtia

On May 12, 2017, tree planting took place in Udmurtia as part of the PosadiLes project

Trees were planted near the village of Varaksino, Zavyalovsky district of Udmurtia, as part of the annual forest restoration campaign of the PosadiLes project.

The action was organized by the Udmurt regional branch of the EKA Interregional Environmental Public Organization jointly with the Ministry of Forestry and Zavyalovskoye Lesnichestvo. More than 50 people took part in the planting - activists of the EKA movement, forestry workers and students of IzhGSKhA. As a result of the action, 8 thousand spruce seedlings were planted on the territory of 1.4 hectares.

The PosadiLes project expresses its sincere gratitude to all the planting participants for the excellent work done in the landscaping of our vast country!


GPS Coordinates:56.87591, 53.08495

Certificate numbers: LES100745, LES100747, LES101082, LES101097, LES100320, LES100330, LES100802, LES100829, LES101077, LES101091, LES100325, LES100326, LES100441, LES100443, LES100486100, LES10067 , LES100664, LES100665, LES100719, LES100725, LES100755, LES100756, LES100794, LES100800, LES100834, LES100835, LES100847, LES100849, LES100868, LES100878, LES100909, LES100920, LES100939, LES100949, LES100950, LES100976, LES100981, LES101058, LES101060, LES101088, LES101090 , LES101113, LES101115, LES101129, LES101130, LES101143, LES101144, LES101156, LES101161, LES101180, LES101185, LES101213, LES101238, LES101305, LES101306, LES101321, LES101324, LES101337, LES101339, LES101373, LES101379, LES100436, LES100508, LES100631, LES100632, LES100871 , LES100877, LES101067, LES101087, LES101290, LES101317, LES100322, LES100359, LES100684, LES100735, LES100961, LES100963, LES101309, LES101355, LES100388, LES100389, LES100396, LES100398, LES100413, LES100414, LES100641, LES100733, LES100831, LES100915, LES101295, LES101343, LES101382, LES101383, LES100353, LES100354, LES100509, LES100547, LES100583, LES100584, LES100604, LES100605, LES100663, LES100666, LES100677, LES100680, LES100728, LES100741, LES100798, LES100812, LES100885, LES100886, LES100907, LES100908, LES100928, LES100959, LES101131, LES101146, LES101251, LES101253, LES101336, LES101381, LES100363, LES100371, LES100495, LES100511, LES100525, LES100611, LES100628, LES100656, LES100730, LES100760, LES100770, LES100776, LES100787, LES100811, LES100815, LES100951, LES100988, LES101002, LES101158, LES101211, LES101351, LES101353, LES101380, LES101406


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