On May 11, 10 thousand trees were planted in the Ryazan region on the territory of the Nizhne-Oka forestry

The action is carried out thanks to public funding and the support of responsible business.


30 volunteers and 12 forestry specialists joined the action. 2.6 hectares of forest were specially prepared for our planting. The site was damaged by fires in 2010, was planted in 2013, due to flooding in 2019, all crops were killed.

It had rained the day before and it would have been impossible for the volunteers to take a bus to the landing site. The foresters, many thanks to them, helped to transport the volunteers on their off-road vehicles. It was pleasant that representatives of the forestry prepared for the arrival of volunteers: tables and benches covered with tablecloths for organizing dining space, widespread assistance in organizing the event on the spot, providing equipment, etc. use inventory, how to plant seedlings. And the work began to boil.

In 4 hours, 10,000 seedlings found their new "home" on the Kasimov land. Volunteers and foresters celebrated this wonderful event with a lunch of buckwheat powder with mushrooms and tea with blueberry pies. Well-fed and satisfied, the participants completed the action with a joint photo session. For many of those present, this action was the first significant thing in life, for the sake of which it was worth being born.

We express our deep gratitude to the Ministry of Nature Management of the Ryazan Region and personally to Minister Alexander Novikov, GKU RO “Nizhne-Okskoye Lesnichestvo” and personally to Director Nikolai Smetannikov for the help provided in organizing our event.

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