On May 1, 2021, in the Rostov Region, within the framework of the “Green Marathon” from Sberbank, activists of the “Plant a Forest” movement and corporate Volunteers of Sberbank planted more than 3,000 acacia seedlings.

They planted 2 km. protective forest belt along agricultural fields. Such forest belts are created to protect the soil from weathering within the framework of the project Southern Forest Belt of Russia ... About 35 people, Sberbank employees and simply not indifferent Rostovites took part in the action. The director of Istok-1 LLC Gennady Petrovich Goncharov provided great assistance in the organization, allocating land for planting and promising to provide further assistance in the natural science of agrotechnical care of young trees.

We thank the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Rostov Region for their help in organizing the action.



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