Five eco-friendly New Year gifts

Did you know that a New Year's gift is not necessarily something expensive, unique and wrapped in mountains of wrapping paper? There are a lot of simple things that your friends, family and friends will be happy to see under the tree or simply receive from you, and at the same time these gifts will also be environmentally friendly. This means that you will at the same time make a pleasant environment.

1. Herbs in pots

Many people give flowers and plants as gifts. It's hard to be original here. But you
you can still give all of them a head start. Present not banal ficus, bamboo or orchid, but fragrant edible herbs in pots. Your gift will not only exude a pleasant aroma throughout the kitchen, but also come in handy in practice. After all, rosemary, basil, sage, coriander, etc. can be used during cooking to add a unique flavor to a dish, or eaten raw. In addition, thanks to you, the owner of the gift will reduce the amount of garbage at home, because polyethylene, foam polystyrene backing, plastic containers, etc. are generously used to pack each bundle of greenery.

2. Shopping bag or shopper

These inexpensive yet durable bags in all possible colors, with prints, designs and
photos for every taste. You can even make one to order or paint it yourself to make it exclusive. But the main advantage of such a bag is not beauty, but functionality. It folds easily and turns into a small one
lightweight wallet that you can even put in your pocket. But when the owner of the shopper comes to the store, he will be able to put much more in it than in a plastic bag. The bag is very durable and roomy. And how much can you save on packages! On average, such a bag helps its owner to avoid
purchases of 20 thousand packages in a lifetime.

3. Compost bucket

The dream of any person who already recycles waste, but does not know what to do with the leftover food. The owner of such a gift will be able to put all food scraps and cleanings in this bucket, where special worms will turn everything into compost. There is no smell, and the worms are absolutely omnivorous. They are ready to feast on even used tea bags. The finished compost also does not smell unpleasant, and it can be used as a top dressing for indoor plants or in the garden.

4. Multifunctional bandana

A gift not only for rockers, as it might seem at first glance. Variations on
indeed, many. For example, a set of several bandanas, which is sold in many youth stores for a modest price, can be presented as a set of unique napkins for setting a party table. Firstly, you will make the host a fashionable and advanced decorator in the eyes of his guests, and secondly, you will help him save on paper napkins.
A bandana can serve as a lunch tablecloth for its owner during a trip or a trip to nature, save his head from overheating in the heat, protect his face from dust
while traveling in the desert. It can also be used to wrap food on the road instead of using a plastic bag. You can use a bandana
tie the wounded hand like a bandage. It perfectly collects dust in the house, and at the same time it is easy to wash it. Imagine how many things the owner of such a gift will not have to buy.

5. A simple and well-known thing - a dryer for clothes and linen

Not a very romantic, but surprisingly practical gift. You can rest assured that it will be used regularly. And most importantly, thanks to your gift, the electricity required for automatic dryers will be saved, and the air in the apartment will be humidified.

PS. Or you can make a gift that will live a long time, saturate our planet with oxygen and give a home to forest animals and insects. Give
And for those you love, a New Year's certificate PosadiLes, and soon a tree will appear in one of the forests that have been burned or cut down, planted in honor of the owner of this gift. Can you think of a greener gift?



Author: Maria Petukhova

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