Astrakhan region

Vladislav Ivanov - PosadiLes project coordinator in the Astrakhan region

1. How long have you become an eco-activist? What inspires you in this activity, including reforestation?

I have been dealing with environmental issues for over 5 years. This choice was not accidental - after all, it is very important for me to take care of nature and increase its wealth. Participation in planting is not just a one-time event, but a whole area of ​​forest restoration with an integrated and rational approach.

2. What is wrong with the forests in your region? Why did you decide to restore them here?

For the Astrakhan region, the problem of desertification is very urgent. We can say that this is a critical situation in our region and every year the area of ​​forests here is steadily decreasing. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for this: these are natural fires, and careless handling of fire by vacationers, or even numerous debris that, under the influence of the sun and high temperatures, can cause a fire.

3. Tell us a little about your plans. And what would you like to wish for those who help to restore forests through the PosadiLes service?

For us, the most important tasks for the preservation of the nature of the region are the restoration of lost forests and the creation of an “eco-shield”. Therefore, this year we plan to cover even more municipal districts and reclaim at least 5 hectares of forest land. For the PosadiLes users, I wish not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, but to continue to make my special contribution to the preservation of forests and their inhabitants!

4. What are your impressions of the landings?

Landing for me is a part of my life. No wonder they say that everyone should plant a tree. I am glad that Astrakhan people are not indifferent to the future of our planet and support our initiative. So, let's save the forests together!

5. Interesting facts about the forests of your region

There are very few forests and other plantations in the Astrakhan region, so each tree planted helps to improve the ecological situation in the region.


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