On September 30, 2022, 4,000 pine seedlings were planted in the Moscow Region with the support of Zillii

Thanks to the initiative of Zillii, we planted a pine forest!

On Friday September 30, 43 like -minded people joined their efforts and planted 4,000 new pines in the territory of 1.5G!

Participation in plantings is always a joy for every volunteer! This is an opportunity to do something important and feel like a hero. This is an opportunity to contribute to the future of our planet. Even the weather supported our good deed with warm affectionate rays of the sun! And Zillii prepared gifts to each participant so that we can please our pets with premium -quality goodies.

We sincerely thank the Zvenigorod branch of the GKU MOSOLLELLES, in the person of the director of the branch of the forestry Roskvas Denis Vasilyevich, the head of the forestry department of Yartsev Oleg Vladimirovich, the senior district forestry Gerashchenko Alexander Vyacheslavovich; The senior precinct forester Kiselev Svyatoslav Svyatoslavovich, the senior precinct forester Mazurov Alexei Igorevich, the senior precinct forester Stepanov Yuri Aleksandrovich, the district state inspector Krivosheev Alexander Vladimirovich, the district state inspector Kabak Vladimir Ivanovich. They professionally prepared the place of work and rest of the volunteers: they removed the waxing remnants, plowed the site for landings, provided equipment and landing material, cleared the recreation area, conducted an incension and carefully accompanied the participants throughout the action!

We combined our efforts and did a good deed! We made it together, supporting each other! We made it with great inspiration and enjoyed it! There will be a forest to heaven!

With a new forest!

#Lesomat terminal with which you can plant trees
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