3.5 thousand young pines were planted near the village of Kremenkul

On September 18, near the village of Kremenkul, 3.5 thousand pine saplings were planted to restore the affected forest. Planting was organized within the framework of the PosadiLes forest restoration and conservation project with the support of Shershnevsky and Kremenkulsky district forestry and the ECA movement.


Посадка прошла на территории площадью 2 га, в них приняли участие около 80 волонтеров, среди них — неравнодушные местные жители, представители общественных организаций, студенты. Territories для посадок были специально подготовлены сотрудниками местных лесничеств, которые будут осуществлять последующий уход за саженцами. На средства, пожертвованные SPLAT, были закуплены саженцы, организован транспорт и питание для волонтеров.

By planting trees with the PosadiLes project, SPLAT is offsetting the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from its operations. It is the first company in Russia to receive a CO2 neutrality certificate from the ECA movement. The company has already planted more than 24 thousand trees in Udmurtia, Irkutsk, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions.

“Thanks to everyone who supports our project and restores forests with us! We express our deep respect, love and gratitude to you for your contribution and support. Together we are doing a great job! " - Project Manager "PosadiLes" Munteanu Marianna.

“It's great that there is an opportunity to organize and participate in reforestation activities. Thanks to everyone who supports our PosadiLes project. I would like to express my gratitude to my colleague, eco-activist Ksenia Galkina for her help and support in organizing the event. And, taking this opportunity, to congratulate the forestry staff on the recently passed Forest Workers Day! Your work is truly priceless! " - said the coordinator of the PosadiLes project in the Chelyabinsk region Damir Yanakhov.

About PosadiLes

Today, thanks to the PosadiLes project, more than 698,500 trees have already been planted in 22 regions of Russia. 4953 people took part in the public funding of the planting, thanks to their support, more than 175 hectares of forest were restored. Among the companies that supported the landing were Lenta, SPLAT, S7, MTS, Faberlik, Eldorado, Tanuki, Europlan, Starbucks, Estee Lauder, MKB (Credit Bank of Moscow), Sberbank Insurance and others.



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