On September 24, 2022, 8,000 pine seedlings were planted in the Kemerovo region with the support of S7

On September 24, 2022, an action was held as part of the Plant “Plants Les” project, on which 8,000 pine seedlings in the city of Mezhdurechensk -Kemerovo region were planted. The planting of the trees took place with the support of the “We - Siberia” project S7 Airlines. The action was attended by 120 residents and guests of the city, the Youth Parliament of the city of Mezhdurechensk, employees of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia in the Kemerovo region, students of the KuzSTU branch, volunteers of the MGST detachment, we are together, silver volunteers and community of motorists Mily 42, and children's environmental organization Green.

“Today we have a grandiose, large -scale event for our city. In the suburban zone of the Mezhdurechensky city district today we land 8,000 seedlings of pine. Such a landing is carried out for the first time, such a large territory and participants gathered more than 100 volunteers, which is certainly pleasing. ”

Julia Dzhabbarova

Head of the inspection department of MKU MKOOSIP.

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