May 22, 2021 on the territory of the Kursk region took place an ecological action "Plant a forest", in which 50 activists took part, wishing to restore the forest of their native land!

Together, we have planted more than 5,000 trees on the site of a previously burnt-out forest! Seedlings of different species were planted: red oak, Scots pine, mountain ash and linden.

I would like to thank all the caring people who supported our reforestation project! And especially to note the sincere contribution of the staff of the Oboyansk forestry, who helped in the organization and made sure that the planting was carried out correctly!

The seedlings are grown in nurseries of the Kursk region from seeds that are collected in our area, which means that this planting material is ideal for your region.


The main goal of the action is to help the forestry to preserve nature for future generations. It is important that together we learn to preserve and increase our common wealth - forests and the fauna inhabiting them!


terminal with which you can plant trees

Mobile game

Understand the ecosystem of the forest.

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